Facing Temptations

As I write this blog it is Fat Tuesday.  Ugh!  I’m tempted by sugar.  Loads and loads of sweet donuts or cookies haunt my dreams.  And a lot of people choose to give-in to their temptations on Fat Tuesday.  Alas I will not.  Instead I have ordered a roast beef sandwich called an “unwich” from […]


Half of the English-speaking population on the Earth thinks that “transfiguration” is one of the classes taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  And as much as I love J. K. Rowling’s novels (I really do; I’ve read the series multiple times) I want you to understand that “the transfiguration” long predates the Harry […]

Who Heals Me Now That Jesus is Gone?

First of all . . . He’s not gone.  Let’s just put that one to bed.  Some people believe He still walks among us.  Some believe his Spirit is alive in everybody.  Regardless of the form of your Jesus one thing common among all Christian denominations is that we worship a Living God.  And that […]

Cleaning House

During my sermon I intend to talk about cleaning house.  Because that’s what I think Jesus is doing primarily in Mark 1:21-28.  The bulk of this short scripture is a short story of a man who has an unclean spirit whom Jesus expels.  In short, Jesus cleans the man’s spirit. But how did it get […]

The Betrayal of Zebedeee

It’s not as hot in Galilee as some people think, but after a day of hard work fishing the sweat from a man’s brow can soak his clothing.  Not that you would notice because fishing is wet work.  And it was after a full day like this of fishing for Tilapia in the Sea of […]

Come and See, Nathanial

In John 1:43-51 is an interesting exchange between Jesus and one of his earliest disciples, Nathanial.  Nathanial was a straight-shooter, a doubter, and a cynic.  And because of those three characteristics I like him a lot!  Lets just say I can relate.  Phillip, who had just met Jesus, wanted Nathanial to meet Jesus too; and […]

Obey. Yes you have to.

Happy New Year CBC.  Many months ago, I put together the monthly worship theme for this time of year.  I was reading the scriptures pertaining to these weeks of worship and a theme pushed its way forward: obedience.  First (Mark 1:4-11) a man named John the Baptist tells us “be baptized”.  Thousands did.  Then (John […]

Could Mary Have Said No?

The scripture in question for today comes from Luke 1:26-38.  The scene opens with Gabriel, an angel (whom we share–by the way–with many other religions; Gabriel is an important figure in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Baha’i), who visits Mary and tells her she is going to have a child and name him Jesus.  Gabriel must […]

A Brighter Light

The theme for worship on Sunday December 17 is “Testify to the Light,” and every time I see a theme that involves the symbol of light I am tempted to do a children’s moment that would almost surely set off the fire alarms at church. Chemistry is a wonderful subject.  It was one of my […]

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