Today is a good day to write about priorities.  I once took a quick survey at prayer meeting about things that were most important to those who were gathered.  The survey had nine items on it.  They were (in no particular order) God, extended family, church, vocation, friends, spouse, children, nation, and home.  If you […]

Laws without Limitations

John slept alone.  Under a cross that hangs over his bed, John woke on Saturday morning and kicked his dog.  He lit a cigarette and walked to the balcony of his apartment where he saw two men assaulting a teen who was on the way to school.  He did not call the police.  Instead he […]

Self Care

God is Good my readers.  My apologies if my writing this week is not my best.  My head is still foggy after a couple of days of sleep due to the stomach flu. Today I’m going to take a break from writing about scriptures for two reasons.  One, I’ve been sick most of the week […]

Why Do You Work for God?

The scripture for today is taken from Matthew 20:1-16.  The master of a vineyard goes out and hires workers to tend to his fields and agrees to pay them one Denarius for the day’s work.  He goes out three hours later, six hours later, nine hours later, and eleven hours later and does the same.  […]

The Mathematics of Forgiveness

It has been fun for me this week because my daughter Jayne volunteered to speak this Sunday at Graceland, and I have the same responsibility at CBC.  In short, she does not like my sermon ideas.  And that’s ok with me. However, we have been able to find some common ground on a short part […]

Blessings of Community

Recently I have been writing about social isolation . . . about how we are social creatures who–for one reason or another–tend to isolate ourselves.  It’s a dichotomy of human behavior that is killing us.  I touched in my last sermon (as a side note) how this tension is the exact thing that makes it […]


In the past year my ears have been peaked many times over a duality in human nature. On the one hand we have what I believe is an indisputable fact that humans are social creatures.  In the parenting class Carrie facilitated last year on Wednesday nights one lesson was devoted to how “belonging” is in […]

A New Dress Code

Today’s blog has nothing to do with the worship nor the scripture in this week’s schedule.  Instead I want to write about something that affected me this week and how it pertains to church. A young man whom I once served as youth leader in Arizona decided to commit suicide this week.  He was 20.  […]

Which Matters? Words or Actions?

The inspiration for the title of this piece comes from a very interesting piece of scripture in Matthew 15:10-28.  I won’t leave you hanging.  According to Jesus, in this passage from scripture, both matter.  And in our time it is a scripture we need to internalize, act upon, memorize, digest, and share. It starts with […]

Peter is the Man!

Today’s scripture is taken from Matthew 14:22-33.  It is the account of Jesus walking upon the water. He and the disciples had just finished feeding the 5000.  Jesus finally gets the time alone he was looking for to mourn the loss of John the Baptist before the 5000 came to him in their needs.  So […]

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