John’s Great News

It’s gotten hard for me to watch the news in my old age . . . especially when I watch prior to my morning coffee.  But I do it anyway.  I want to know what’s happening in the world even if it gets me down.  A typical evening of the 5:30 p.m. news on NBC, […]

Jesus is Coming . . . for the Third Time

This Sunday, December 3, marks the beginning of the season of Advent again.  Like I need to tell anyone.  If you didn’t know Christmas was fast approaching then you haven’t left the house.  Nor have you watched TV or listened to Radio.  Christmas invades our lives this time of year (sometimes in very commercial ways!) […]

Details about Shepherding

Matthew 25:31-46 is the scripture in question for the day.  It is not a difficult scripture to understand, so instead I’m going to give you some background information that may help you to understand the character of Jesus.  It says in the first part of the scripture that the “Son of Man [Jesus] will come […]

The Complexity of Healings

The topic of healing is complex.  I have been a personal witness to many miraculous healings, but I have been a personal friend to many who have witnessed some of those same healings and wondered, “Why didn’t that happen to me?”  I’ve seen physical healing come to some who are old, yet I’ve seen death […]

How Does It Make You Feel

“Audience is everything!” my advanced writing instructor used to tell me; “You should never write a single word until you have thoroughly examined to whom you will be writing.”  He went on to explain how most of the time in college we were writing to our professors, but in his class he would be giving […]


Today is a good day to write about priorities.  I once took a quick survey at prayer meeting about things that were most important to those who were gathered.  The survey had nine items on it.  They were (in no particular order) God, extended family, church, vocation, friends, spouse, children, nation, and home.  If you […]

Laws without Limitations

John slept alone.  Under a cross that hangs over his bed, John woke on Saturday morning and kicked his dog.  He lit a cigarette and walked to the balcony of his apartment where he saw two men assaulting a teen who was on the way to school.  He did not call the police.  Instead he […]

Self Care

God is Good my readers.  My apologies if my writing this week is not my best.  My head is still foggy after a couple of days of sleep due to the stomach flu. Today I’m going to take a break from writing about scriptures for two reasons.  One, I’ve been sick most of the week […]

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