Who Heals Me Now That Jesus is Gone?

First of all . . . He’s not gone.  Let’s just put that one to bed.  Some people believe He still walks among us.  Some believe his Spirit is alive in everybody.  Regardless of the form of your Jesus one thing common among all Christian denominations is that we worship a Living God.  And that is the importance of the empty cross.  He came down off of the cross and walked away, was lifted into heaven, appeared to his disciples, etc.

Yet there is a movement I wish to point out in the scripture today from Mark 1:29-39 that will help you understand how the Spirit of Christ moves through the world.  This scripture picks up right where the last one left off–where he cleansed the spirit of a man in the synagogue of Capernaum.  From there he went to Simon’s (Peter’s) home and he healed Simon’s mother-in-law.  Then he went into the city in general and started healing anyone who came to him.  It says the whole city was gathered waiting to see Jesus heal the sick.  Finally, after that, Jesus rose early the next day and went out to an alone place to pray (he did this sometimes).  When his early disciples finally found him he told them he wanted to leave Capernaum and move on to the next city.  And so he did.  He went about all of Galilee.

Synagogue . . . . Home . . . . City . . . . Region . . . . What next?

Well we know what happened next.  His circle grew wider and wider to Jerusalem and then to the world.  And as much as I hate cliché I have to admit that this sounds like a rock thrown into a still pond.  Have you ever heard of the “sea of humanity”?  According to the dictionary this sea is described as “compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition : the quality or state of being humane.”

So use your imagination today and picture that sea of humanity.  It is a clear ocean of clean water.  It is a calm and gentle sea full of compassion and the willingness to be good and humane.  It makes me relax just thinking about all that good will pooled together with latent potential.  Jesus casts a stone into it and the waves of healing roll ever-outward.  Eventually they will reach you no matter how distant you are from the original entry point of the stone.  Those healing waves will come to you–passed on by others who have been healed and by those who came before them.  And because Jesus is a living God the waves will not diminish due to the physical limitations of resistance nor gravity.  The spirit of the Lord continues to blow upon the surface of the water to keep the waves alive and moving . . . even growing at times.

May you be washed by the healing waters Christ brings with him as he moves through our lives.

Updated: 01/30/2018 — 12:01 pm
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